Spencer Dinwiddie

Invest in the first ever security represented by a Professional Athlete Investment Token (PAInT), based upon Spencer’s 2019-22 contract with the Brooklyn Nets.

Investments in the securities represented by Spencer’s PAInT are illiquid and carry the risk of complete loss of capital.
Investors should review the risk factors within the offering documents before considering an investment.


  • 2nd round pick in 2014 NBA Draft
  • Currently playing for Brooklyn Nets (#8, Point Guard)
  • 2018 All-Star Weekend “Skills Challenge” winner
  • First player in NBA history to record 35-plus points, 10-plus assists, and seven 3-point field goals made off the bench in a game
  • Recently signed 3-year contract extension beginning in October 2019
  • Blockchain enthusiast who believes that this emerging technology offers the potential to help generate and preserve wealth for athletes, artists, and influencers


Minimum Investment


Open Date

October 14, 2019

Minimum Offering Amount

$4,950,000 (33 tokens)

Maximum Offering Amount

$13,500,000 (90 tokens)


Reg. D 506(C)

Funds Accepted In*


*Please review the terms and conditions related to investor subscriptions in cryptocurrency and the risks thereof.

You should carefully review the Offering Memorandum for a full discussion
of the terms, conditions, and risk factors associated with this offering.

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